Jaguars vs Texans Live Stream 2017 Regular Season

The NFL has scheduled Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texan for the 2017 regular season. Jaguars vs Texans will meet twice in this regular season on 10th September 2017 and 18th December 2017. However, there is a bad news as the season opener will be cancelled to be held in Houston as the host. The hurricane Harvey has done some damage to the NRG Stadium. Even the hurricane didn’t create any major damage, it seems to be hard for Houston to host the regular season opener due to NFL considerations.

Jaguars vs Texans

Where to Watch Jaguars vs Texans Live?

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NFL seems to concern the safety of the game spectators even this Houston fans are hugely demanding the hosting of the opener. However, the Jaguars is offering to swap home dates as the game host turns to Jacksonville for NFL week 1 season opener game. The idea is to keep the Jaguars vs Texans schedule. One month remaining to the season opener game Jaguars vs Texans seems to be a very short time for NRG Stadium’s full recovery.

If the swap home host offer is accepted by Texans, then the Houston will be the host for the game on week 15. San Antonio is also willingly to help as they let opener Jaguars vs Texans to be held in Alamodome as they’re close in distance to the Houston. However, Texans insist to hold the game in the Houston as it’s already scheduled to be kicked off in NRG Stadium. However, NFL officials haven’t decided anything yet about the changes nor the affirmation.

If there is no any changes, Jaguars vs Texans for season opener game will kick off at 1:00 PM on 10th September in NRG Stadium. CBS and NFL Redzone will exclusively broadcast the Jaguars vs Texans game live from the NRG stadium. Sirius XM Radio will also make Jaguars vs Texas aired. If you’re planning to watch Jaguars vs Texans live online you can access the game through NFL Game Pass. You need finish the subscription to watch the season opener game.

NFL Game Pass has set the price US$ 124,99 for full season NFL games. Once you finish the subscription you can watch all of the NFL games until the last week of regular season. After that, you can watch Jaguars vs Texans live stream online from your tablet, smartphones, PC desktop, or laptop. It’s important to stay tuned on NFL site for further information about the Jaguars vs Texans to get updated information.

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